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ResearchNational Sun Yat-Sen University

(Hui-Shiun Lin)

指導教授:鄭義 博士
(Dr. Yih Jeng)
"Master of Business Administration in International Business National Sun Yat-Sen University Master Thesis (國立中山大學管理學院國際經營管理碩士學程 碩士論文) - Say No to Plastic Packaging: The Research on Packaging Free Supermarket and Future Development (跟塑膠包裝說不:無包裝超市現況及未來發展之 研究) - June 2017 (中華民國 106年6)"Chinese (Mandarin, Traditional, Taiwan)
ResearchMasaryk University

Faculty of Economics and Administration

Janotková, Natália (Bc.)
"Masarykova univerzita Ekonomicko-správní fakulta Studijní obor: Podniková ekonomika a management - PODNIKATELSKÝ PLÁN (Business plan) - Diplomová práce (2017)"Czech
ResearchThe Handbook of Environmental Chemistry 58

Eriksen, Marcus
Thiel, Martin
Prindiville, Matt
Kiessling, Tim
"Freshwater Microplastics / Microplastic: What Are the Solutions?"English
ResearchInternational Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics

Smits Sandano, Alexia
"IIIEE Thesis 2016. Barriers and Incentives to Zero Packaging Food. Retail: A Global Stocktake. | Thesis for the fulfilment of the Master of Science in Environmental Management and Policy Lund, Sweden, September 2016"English
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