Bepakt offers an open index of nearly all packaging-free / zero-waste / bulk supermarkets and grocery shops. This information is aimed at (new) consumers, companies, journalists and researchers. Thank you for your visit, and please leave your feedback.


Company History


  • May 2014: Bepakt was founded on the idea to design products to make bring-your-own-container-shopping  easier. This is still the long-term goal.
  • July 2014: Executing a Customer Survey.  We visited visited Robuust (Antwerp, Belgium) and executed an on-site customer survey research, using iPads, to learn about the wishes of the customers and the shop.
  • August 2014: Start of online research of (European) Packaging-Free Shops.
  • September 2014: Thijs van Engeland designed the Bepakt logo and Rutger Muller designed the elementary beginning of ‘‘.
  • October 2014: Released the first Map of Packaging-Free Shops in West Europe.
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[image: Bepakt surveying customers at Robuust, Antwerp]



  • August 2015: Publication of our article on plastic pollution in landfills, sea, etc. Read: “Plastic Problems
  • September 2015: Visited and shopped at Bag & Buy (Utrecht, Netherlands) and  Original Unverpackt (Berlin, Germany).
  • November 2015: Published our indexed list of Innovative Packaging-Free shops and supermarkets, and their crowdfunding results. In the process we had contact with several very helpful shops.
  • February 2016: Bepakt meets Richard Kleijn, of Mobitecture, to hear about his works with sustainable bamboo and hemp. Richard tips BioFutura (see next point).





  • Jan-Feb-Mar 2017 (still work in progress):  Big update to the shop index.
  • Feb 2017: Brainstorm session in Amsterdam with Hilde Øvreeide of Råvarene – Din Zero Waste Kolonial (Bergen, Norway).
  • May 2017: is now proudly sponsored by webhost Greenhost, which allows me to improve the website and process more data traffic.
  • June 2017: Guus Rietbergen joined the team, helping with communication, webdesign and company vision.


Special thanks

Bepakt logo design:

Thijs van Engeland


Ricky van Broekhoven

Olga Vokalova

Thijs Maartens of Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute

Savina Istas of Robuust

Wouter Moekotte of BioFutura

Richard Kleijn of Mobitecture

Catherine Conway of Unpackaged