Since 2014, Bepakt (Dutch for “Packed”) has been researching the market of packaging-free supermarkets. Our plan is to help innovate this sector.  Several ideas are in the pipeline. In the meantime, check out our…

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[image: Bepakt surveying customers at Robuust, Antwerp]

Company History

  • May 2014: Defining the Design Pillars. Bepakt was founded on the idea to design a sustainable food container to simplify packaging-free grocery shopping. We started to collect and research  the most interesting (re-usable) containers currently on the market. We defined out design pillars: sustainably produced, light, foldable, leak-proof, food safe, bicycle friendly, plastic-free, and more..
  • July 2014: Executing a Customer Survey.  We visited visited Robuust (Antwerp, Belgium) and executed an on-site customer survey research, using iPads, to learn about the wishes of the customers and the shop.
  • August 2014: Start of online research of (European) Packaging-Free Shops

  • August 2015: Publication of our article on plastic pollution in landfills, sea, etc.
    Read: “Plastic Problems
  • February 2016: Bepakt meets Richard Kleijn, of Mobitecture, to hear about his works with sustainable bamboo and hemp. Richard tips BioFutura (see next point).

  • May 2016:  Bepakt visits BioFutura (Rotterdam) to talk about developments in non-plastic / compostable food containers.
  • December 2016… update in progress